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Like an American?

NOW You Can Learn to Speak With American Pronunciation From the Comfort of Your Home! 

Even If ALL Your Previous Attempts to Speak Like an American Have Failed Miserably… 


From: Robby Kukurs
Accent Learning Fanatic
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Dear frustrated American English learner, 

If you’d like to find out how you can eventually master the American pronunciation and reduce your foreign accent along the way, then you’ve come to the right place!

Just like YOU, I’m a non-native English speaker and I’ve also ALWAYS wanted to be able to sound like an American English speaker. I could speak fluent English no problem, and my hard East-European accent didn’t really bother me, but still I felt I was missing out on something because I was jealous of my peers who could speak as if they were coming from the US…

Thankfully I have a thick skin but you probably aren’t that fortunate:

         Do you get ridiculed for your strong foreign accent? 

          Do you feel your career could have progressed much further if your English pronunciation was clearer? 

          Are you ashamed of sounding much different among native English speakers? 

If all the above describes your situation, you really have 2 options left – grow a thick skin overnight, or figure out an effective method of improving your English pronunciation once and for all!

Now, you’re maybe wondering…


Why You Should Listen To Me If You Want to Develop Authentic American Accent? 


Good question.

How about this:

          I’m an English Fluency Expert having helped thousands of foreigners just like you with their fluency issues. 

          I’ve learned to speak with American, British and Irish accents and figured out learning accents is MUCH EASIER than foreigners think it is. 

         Most importantly – I’m a foreigner just like YOU and I’ve gone through ALL IMAGINABLE fluency and pronunciation related issues over the years!

I mean – do you really think that native English speakers can actually relate with your pronunciation related problems if they’ve never actually had them to begin with?

There’s only so much they can teach you about acquiring American accent because they never had to learn it themselves and they can’t POSSIBLY put themselves in your shoes and understand all those specific things you have to FOCUS on in order to make real accent acquisition progress!

I, on the other hand, have realized a few things that have made a HUGE difference in my English pronunciation and that will also enable YOU to learn the American pronunciation much easier and hassle-free:


Discovery #1:
Reading Phonetic Transcriptions Is a Waste of Time! 


If you’re anything like me, you’ve definitely tried improving your pronunciation by reading phonetically transcribed English texts. The heck – I built a huge English vocabulary over the course of a decade by learning word pronunciation along with their meanings.

Did it help me sound native-like though?

No chance in hell!

I was pronouncing English words quite correctly because I was 100% familiar with all the phonetic symbols and the corresponding sounds, but when it came to speaking real English in real life, I could immediately spot the difference between my speech and that of some other guy who’d been learning his English in an American environment.

Does your story go along the same lines?

I thought so!

Basically we have to agree on the simple fact that learning the American pronunciation by reading phonetic transcript is fairly ineffective simply because you’re not trying to MIMIC a real person.

Now you’re talking! Let’s get straight to YouTube and start watching videos where countless American accent teachers are explaining how to pronounce this sound, and how to pronounce that sound. That’s a sure-fire way to authentic American accent, isn’t that right?


I found out the hard way that listening to accent teachers and focusing on individual sounds doesn’t work so well on a foreigner like me…


Discovery #2:
You Can’t Learn to Speak Like an American Just By Sticking Individual Letters Together! 


You know all the English vowels and consonants pretty well, isn’t that right?

You know how the letter ‘R’ is pronounced, and you’ve also managed to get the ‘TH’ sound right – you know, the one so many foreign English speakers are struggling with?

DESPITE all that, you still can’t SPEAK fluently like an American English speaker, and your conversations just don’t flow the way native speakers can make it sound!

You see – while mastering English letters and the corresponding sounds is most definitely a good start, speaking fluently with your target accent is an entirely different story altogether!

I suspected that natural American English speech might have something else to it that I found hard to define at first, till one day it hit me – it was the way certain WORDS and word combinations are pronounced that adds that specific American sound to it!

Basically that’s when I figured out that I have to listen, repeat and mimic live American speech, and once I started doing that, the rest as they say is history.


Discovery #3:
By Focusing on the 20% of CRUCIAL American Sounds You’re Getting 80% of Your Speech Right! 


This is a typical manifestation of 80/20 rule, and if you’re not familiar with it, I’m going to explain it to you in a few words:

Around 80% of output in any human performance-related activity is a direct result of only 20% of your input.

It simply means that if you figure out WHICH 20% of American English sounds are going to result in the BIGGEST IMPROVEMENT of your American accent, you’re going to make a much, much FASTER progress.

You may be wasting days, months and years trying to master and perfect every single letter, every single sound in your American English speech and it’s going to take a lifetime to become a fluent American English speaker.

Have you ever seen YouTube videos teaching how to pronounce a single American word?

It’s so typical!

You’re spending a whole evening trying to get that ONE WORD right, while you could be engaged in a proper, hardcore accent speech exercising instead which focuses on MANY crucial American sounds and sound patterns, and imprints them into your sound producing organs!


Discovery #4:
Foreign Accent Reduction Takes Care Of Itself! 


You have to FOCUS on your foreign accent reduction - this is a gross misconception, and it’s prevalent in the accent teaching industry.

Why misconception? – you may ask.

After all, in order to sound like an American, you have to reduce your foreign accent first, right?

Well, if you go down that road, you’ll end up where you’ve always been – frustrated and unhappy with your English speech. The reasons behind that are astonishingly simple – you simply maintain your FOCUS on the completely WRONG thing!

Its’ NOT your foreign accent you have to keep in mind when developing your American pronunciation, it’s your American pronunciation you have to be paying 100% of your attention to!

Yes, this little mental trick may seem like no big deal to you now that you heard about it first, but in reality it’s a real GAME CHANGER when it comes to learning native-like American speech.

You keep throwing all your efforts at your foreign accent and make it disappear, but it keeps coming back to haunt you all the time, and eventually you give up because you realize you’ll never get rid of it…

If you IGNORE your foreign accent and give 100% of your efforts to American sound acquisition, however, your foreign accent just backs off and goes away!

This SIMPLE change in attitude enabled me to start speaking with the American pronunciation much, much faster because I wasn’t wasting any time on reducing anything.

Yet, there’s a surprising amount of accent reduction courses and classes available which make it so much harder to accomplish the task because they make you focus on the completely wrong aspects of your speech!


If You’ve Been Struggling to Improve Your English Pronunciation And Speak With American Accent, You Should Know This… 


I receive comments EVERY DAY on my AccentAdventure.com blog from people who fail to make any progress on their American Pronunciation.

Having done just a few pronunciation improving speech exercising lessons though, they experience an IMMEDIATE improvement to their spoken English and American accent!

Here’s just a few changes they experience:

          Speech becomes clearer and more understandable 

         Others start recognizing American accent when they speak

          Foreign accent becomes less noticeable 

          Confidence is hitting an ALL-TIME high! 

During countless hours of CONSTANTLY speaking in English and trying to make my speech sound like that of an American I experienced all the possible mistakes one could possibly make.

I applied all professional pronunciation improvement-related advice I could get my hands on.

I figured out what doesn’t, and what DOES WORK for my American accent the hard way – so that you wouldn’t have to waste your time going through the same trial and error I was going through… And honestly speaking, you’ve already spent an awful lot of time doing that, haven’t you?

It’s about time you received GENUINE American pronunciation tutoring that works and permanently changes your speech!

So let me introduce to you…


A Unique, Never-Seen-Before American Accent Developing Video Speech Exercising Course That Improves Your English Pronunciation…

… That YOU Can Use From the Comfort of Your Home To Start Speaking Like an American In The Shortest Time Possible! 


Accent Genie American Pronunciation Program! 

Learn American Accent

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Here’s just some of the benefits this unique English pronunciation improving program offers to you:

         You can exercise your English pronunciation from ANYWHERE in the world without having to speak with native American English speakers!

         Any pressure is taken off your speech exercising routine because you’ll simply MIMIC the voice you’ll hear while focusing on those CRUCIAL sound patterns!

         You’ll progress at your own pace and do all of the 30 American accent videos as many times as you wish – until your pronunciation changes for good!

        You’ll STOP WASTING YOUR TIME by cutting the 80% you don’t need to do and doing the 20% that’s crucial to your English pronunciation development!

I did a really thorough and comprehensive analysis of accent reduction and pronunciation improvement techniques and methods during the last year while I was working on my own American pronunciation.

I figured out what works, what doesn’t work, and as a result I came up with the OPTIMUM amount of pronunciation improvement related techniques that YOU need in order to permanently improve your English pronunciation and reduce your foreign accent.

I spent a good few months working with a professional American English speaking voice artist and together we refined and cherry-picked those American English sounds and sentences that will have the BIGGEST impact on your speech as you exercise it.


A unique, never-seen-before American Accent
Developing Video Speech Exercising Course
that improves your English Pronunciation…
so you are GUARANTEED to start speaking
with American Accent
in the shortest
time possible!


30 unique accent reduction and pronunciation improvement video lessons… each focusing on CRUCIAL American English sound patterns… totaling up to 15 hours long NON-STOP speech exercising time…

… Accent Genie American Pronunciation Program is designed to help ANY NON-NATIVE ENGLISH SPEAKER whose general English knowledge is decent enough to finally start speaking with the so much desired American accent!

And now let me tell you what EXACTLY you’ll receive in each video lesson of the revolutionary online course Accent Genie American Pronunciation Program…


Learn American Accent

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Acquire Authentic American Accent Faster Than
You Thought Possible!


In the Accent Genie American Pronunciation Program you’ll receive 30 interactive video lessons where an American voice artist pronounces specifically chosen sentences, and your job is to listen attentively and repeat those phrases by mimicking the American voice.

The way the lessons are designed will ensure that your mouth and other sound producing organs will absorb all those natural American English sounds in the fastest time possible thanks to all the following:

        You’ll be in a COMPLETE control over the entire accent acquisition process and you’ll be able to take as much time as you need to get the pronunciation right and proceed to the next sentence!

          Specifically created symbols will tell you EXACTLY which sounds you have to FOCUS upon so that you don’t waste your time trying to get the entire speech 100% correct which most accent learners find overwhelming! 

         The American voice character is represented by a digital representation of me – Robby Kukurs – so you’ll be having an impression you’re speaking rather to a real person which will aid your perception!

         Each of the 30 lessons contains up to 12 American English sentences and they have to be repeated at least 5 times during a single lesson – that’s 1800 total repetitions over the duration of the entire program!


Accent Genie video lessons are
SO effective that you’ll effortlessly
pick up natural American English sounds,
intonation and also slang expressions!


Yes, as an added bonus not only you’ll learn to SOUND like an American – you’ll also learn to SPEAK like an American because the Accent Genie American Pronunciation Program is jam-packed with plenty of American phrases and slang expressions!

To top it all off, the person I hired to create the entire contents of this program added plenty of funny phrases and jokes to it so you will not only study hard while using the Accent Genie course but also have a really good time while doing so!

Order Accent Genie NOW!



And here’s the science behind the scenes so that you know EXACTLY why these Accent Genie American Pronunciation lessons are so damn effective:

         Each sentence in the Accent Genie Program has been specifically crafted by implementing the principle of assonance which is a unique way of making vowels in the sentence rhyme!

         Just by speaking all those American sentences out loud you’ll wire the corresponding American sound patterns into your brain – just like it would happen when you’d learn a poem!

          Constant FEEDBACK between you and the speaking character will ensure you’ll be able to spot any imperfections, adjust and correct your speech until it’s up to scratch! 

         The accent training lessons happen as a dialogue between you and the American voice character thus ensuring a real-life conversation experience in a comfort of your home!

         Constant speaking by focusing on the key American sounds will also ensure that over time they infiltrate your entire speech so that you don’t even have to think about those sounds anymore!


Remember – your foreign accent will
take care of itself while you’re focusing
100% of your attention on getting the
key American sounds right!


That’s right my dear American English learner – you don’t have to worry about your foreign accent anymore because Accent Genie will look after that by making sure your American intonation and key sounds push the foreign accent aside!


Learn From Home, Anywhere in The World! 

Learn American Accent

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Your long wait for the perfect American Pronunciation learning opportunity is over.

You will start working on your American speech within a matter of MINUTES and you won’t even have to wait for any files to download!

You’ll jump right into doing the Accent Genie video lessons by entering your unique member’s area where all the interactive video lessons are hosted:


Accent Genie Members Area


And you can do it on ANY device you’re using to browse the Internet – PC, laptop, MacBook Pro, iPad, smartphone – you name it! For as long as you can access the Internet, you’ll have 24/7/365 access to the Accent Genie American Pronunciation Program!


This is the ULTIMATE American Accent Developing
package and now it’s ALL YOURS right here…


And you won’t have to spend another dime on buying other programs because Accent Genie is all you’ll ever need to start speaking just like an American English speaker!

You can use the American Pronunciation lessons all over and over again to fine-tune and hone your American accent to a level where you’re 100% satisfied with your English speech and pronunciation.

As you can see, I’ve created the IDEAL American Pronunciation learning and foreign accent reducing software solution for YOU, my dear foreign English speaking friend… I’ve left nothing out so that you can start speaking with an authentic, genuine American accent in the fastest time possible!


What’s the Cost of this Unique American
Pronunciation Video Course? 


Well, before we get to that, let me tell you even MORE good news, my dear American English learner!

To make sure you’re COMPLETELY satisfied with what you’re getting, I decided to take it one step further and what I’m offering to you is quite honestly a one-in-a-lifetime opportunity.


Magic Bonus #1:FREE Lifetime Updates” 



Accent Genie Free Lifetime Updates

You’re guaranteed to receive FREE Accent Genie updates for as long as this program exists – and I can assure you I’m in this business for a long stay!

I’ll be regularly updating your member’s area with new features and functionality so that you constantly keep abreast with the latest technological solutions thus enhancing your American accent learning experience.

Also, I’ll be adding new lessons to this program every so often and you’ll never really run out of fresh content to use as a source for your American Pronunciation training!

Accent Genie isn’t just your average American Accent learning program – it’s a LIFETIME of constant speech improvement!


Magic Bonus #2:24/7/365 Customer Support” 



Accent Genie Customer Support

Once you join the Accent Genie Program you can rest assured you’re in good hands because I’ll be ALWAYS there for you!

I have amassed extensive experience of dealing with customers over the years while being an English Fluency Expert and now you’re going to avail of my expertise while doing the Accent Genie American Pronunciation lessons.

I’ll let you borrow my BRAIN 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year – whenever you contact Accent Genie support, you can expect a fast and professional response!

Please remember that I’ve been going through the very same pronunciation-related problems you’re having so there’s no better person than me to guide you through your American accent learning curve!


Magic Bonus #3:100% Money Back Guarantee” 



Accent Genie Money Back Guarantee

I know you’ve serious intentions to work on your English pronunciation and achieve your goal of mastering American accent.

Or else you wouldn’t be reading this website, isn’t that right?

Sometimes, however, things don’t go according to plan.

You may suddenly have more urgent matters to deal with and the accent acquisition may take a backseat for an unknown period of time…

Or you may find that you’re not getting good value for your money while using the Accent Genie Program…

The heck, you may even have a distant relative of yours show up at your doorstep asking for money and you just can’t refuse his offer!

WHATEVER the reason is – you can have all your money back within 60 DAYS after the purchase!

Yes, you read it right, my dear friend, I just REMOVED ALL RISK FOR YOU, and I’m quite willing to take the hit if things don’t work out for you simply because I’m passionate about this whole accent learning thing and I want you to see that Robby isn’t in the business just to make a quick buck!

Similar American Accent learning courses are selling online for $229.

And I know for a fact that I could get away with charging you that – if not more! – for all these unique interactive video lessons that will wire American English sounds into your mouth!

What I’m offering you today, my friend American English learner, is nothing like that…


Accent Genie American Pronunciation Program Can Be YOURS For Just $47! 

Learn American Accent

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Yes, that’s ONLY 47 American dollars!

Do you think I’m mad selling this unique product so dirt-cheap?

Well, mad I may be, but I know that money doesn’t grow on trees, and I want to keep the price reasonable so that you can actually ENJOY the accent improvement process instead of worrying about a massive investment of hundreds of dollars!

Plus, I’m not some massive corporation having to pay wages to hundreds of employees thus being unable to sell the accent improving product below a cost price.

I’m a one-man-band, I enjoy teaching my fellow foreign English speakers the principles behind correct and accent-free speech, and I don’t really need that much to pay my own bills and put food on my family’s table!

So as you can see…


You Have Nothing To Lose, And American
Pronunciation To Gain! 


Based on my own success and the success of my fellow foreigners who’ve finally mastered the American Pronunciation, I know for a fact that these unique Accent Genie accent learning interactive video lessons WORK… regardless of your age or national background!

Now you can get an INSTANT accent to the Accent Genie member’s area…

30 (and counting!) unique American Accent developing video lessons based on the assonance principles and also a set of unique symbols developed by me to insure you focus on the crucial American sounds only…

Plus my 24/7/365 Customer Support…

And don’t forget the FREE LIFETIME updates you’ll be getting!

And to top it all off – no-questions-asked money back guarantee!

All this – for a super-low price of ONLY $47!

So what are you waiting for?

Learn American Accent

Order Accent Genie American
Pronunciation Program
for ONLY $47!

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Product information: Accent Genie American Pronunciation Program membership area is available immediately after the payment is made using your PayPal account or a Credit Card. PLEASE NOTE: Broadband Internet connection is required to log into the member’s area and do the accent training lessons. 


To your accent learning success,  

Robby Kukurs

Robby Kukurs
Accent Learning Enthusiast, AccentAdventure.com

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P.S. Stop struggling by trying to reduce your foreign accent. Simply use the Accent Genie lessons and feel your foreign accent being pushed aside by proper American sounds and intonation!

What I’m offering you is the easiest, most risk-free way to try the Accent Genie course so you can see for yourself how these unique accent acquisition methods will help you eradicate your foreign accent and enable you to speak just like a native American English speaker. 

Remember – RISK FREE!